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I'm Joshua Scott Chasez, but if you would be so kind as to address me as only 'JC' or 'JC Chasez' I would be very happy. Other people have other wacked out nicknames for me that they made up while high or drunk so don't let them make you think differently. I am not 'spazzy'. Did I spell that right? Is that even a real word? hmmm I wonder if Webster has gotten his paws on that bad boy...
Not the point. I'm am IN that boyband group *NSYNC, and am releasing my solo album at some point in time before the next life time. And yes before all your teenage girls scream, I do know Justin Timberlake. I've known the dork since I was what 16 years old? He's a good lay kid. His ego is another thing, but he is a good guy. Speaking of the "J-Dawg" himself I should do call the "Chris-Dawg" and and see what he,"Joey-Dawg" and "Lance-Dawg" are doing lately before the VMAs in 4 days.

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