If I wasn't a  CELEBRITY  would you be so nice to me?

If I wasn't a celebrity . .

[30 Aug 2003 :: 09:26pm]

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[30 Aug 2003 :: 06:11pm]


hey nsynced members. there's going to be a change of pace around here and i'm hoping it won't be of any inconvenience tomorrow evening the community and all affiliated communities will have a new look and new rules. unfortunately some current members haven't been updated regularly or pimping the community which was all required. i suggest if you want to keep your role then hop on the stick otherwise someone who is eager and willing to take the role will be allowed to do so. please take this as a warming because we don't want to lose any of you. thank you. for more information check out our informative ad in rpg_ads @ blurty.com and rpgads @ caleida.com.

Hey everyone. [27 Aug 2003 :: 01:52am]

  mood  ::  &Sleepy. Excited.  

Hey guys! It's me Jamie Lynn Spears. I am Britney Spears's little sis. It's way past my bedtime and if Mama caught me up she'd have me hung, but I just wanted to sign online for a bit. I love the internet. I'm also on, "All That" on Snick. I hope I get to talk to ya'll real soon! Hey Brit! Hey JuJu! Hey Lance! Hey Chris! Hey Chrissy! Hey J! I'm just so excited to have one of these things.

- like jamie lynn.

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I am tired so this will have to do. [27 Aug 2003 :: 01:09am]

  mood  ::  tired  

Hello gals and guys. I'm Wade Robson. I've worked with N*SYNC, BSB, Britney Spears, and other famous acts.

Hey Justin.

AIM is Wade tells all.

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... [25 Aug 2003 :: 12:47am]

  mood  ::  exhausted  

I'm tired as fuck so I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

I'm Lance. I'm in that group N'Sync. Heard of me? Great. Haven't? Wonderful.

Thank you and good night.

[[aim: guh its Lance]]

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[24 Aug 2003 :: 08:05pm]

  mood  ::  giggly  

I'm Joshua Scott Chasez, but if you would be so kind as to address me as only 'JC' or 'JC Chasez' I would be very happy. Other people have other wacked out nicknames for me that they made up while high or drunk so don't let them make you think differently. I am not 'spazzy'. Did I spell that right? Is that even a real word? hmmm I wonder if Webster has gotten his paws on that bad boy...
Not the point. I'm am IN that boyband group *NSYNC, and am releasing my solo album at some point in time before the next life time. And yes before all your teenage girls scream, I do know Justin Timberlake. I've known the dork since I was what 16 years old? He's a good lay kid. His ego is another thing, but he is a good guy. Speaking of the "J-Dawg" himself I should do call the "Chris-Dawg" and and see what he,"Joey-Dawg" and "Lance-Dawg" are doing lately before the VMAs in 4 days.

{ AIM = selfish chasez }

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Give me strength, reserve, control . . [23 Aug 2003 :: 04:47am]

  mood  ::  tired & flirty.  

It's way too damned late to make a whole entry in this thing, too. Sorry. I'm Alyssa. Catch me on AIM at miiano cookie. Cute, huh. :: Smiles a bit. ::

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Intro. [19 Aug 2003 :: 10:08pm]

  mood  ::  annoyed  


My name is Trace Ayala. If you need to know shit 'bout me. Check out the fuckin' journal, that's why I fucking got one. Thanks.

Peace out motha' fuckas'.


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{ y'allCANTfuckwithSNOOP. [23 Aug 2003 :: 04:00am]

  mood  ::  melancholy  

( Tired hues glanced effortlessly at the illuminating screen being that it and the chattering of the television was the only artificial light that was being admissible into the bedroom. Sunkissed strands were shifted upward and constructed into a loose bun which rested on top of her hair. A few platinum streaked sprigs of hair cautiously framed the curious and immensely tired face of the pop diva. Hands were sent to the brim of the white sports bra which was the only provided clothing the diva had clinging to her lithe form besides the Tweety Bird boxers which were gather lowly at her hips. Her tongue ran across her lower lip while she continued to think of what to say and begin another introduction. Bare shoulders were hunched enough to allow her shoulder blades to protrude out while pearly whites were dug into the flesh of her pouty lower lip for a little nibble. Freshly manicured nails hovered over the ivory keys before tapping them lightly in succession to begin her entry. )

Hey ya'll. This is Britney Jean Spears here. You know, the girl who made songs like "Hit Me Baby . . . ", "Oops! I Did It Again," and "Slave For You." Currently I am working on my fourth album which will be out in November. I know you all are going to go out and buy it right? Hey you know the album is going to be great. I took off almost a year to do it. I am very proud of it. I worked on great producers and I even helped write most of the songs.

( Rereading what she just had written, shoulders relaxed and posture drastically changed, spine was now aligned to the leathered back of the chair before head tilted towards the right and she continued on with her entry. )

Gosh I am trying to come up with something new that you haven't heard, but geez I am drawing a blank. I think you all know pretty much everything there is about me. You all even know the personal stuff I've been through, like the break up with that guy. He isn't here is he, because that could cause a lot of drama I don't want to be involved in.

Oh! I do have aim. You can either catch me on miss b j spears or just britney.

Gee it is late, and I am sorry if this sucks. I just wanted to introduce myself. IM me and we'll have a great time. I'm a nice girl I swear! Don't believe the rumors. ;)

( And after filling out the text and drop down boxes, hand quickly contained the mouse within her tiny palm to drag the little arrow to be poised over the "update journal" button, quickly pushing it down with a tap of her forefinger to the left button of the mouse. Taking her hand away from the object, the thumb was brought up to her mouth. Nude lips were parted and her thumb began to go inside of her mouth until she realized her nails were acrylic and she shouldn't bite it or she'll mess up the design and the hundreds of dollars she spent getting it constructed. )

" Oh damnit. "

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aol instant messenger change. [23 Aug 2003 :: 01:58am]

  mood  ::  TIRED & FINE.  

hey bitches. i'm gonna be using jus timberiake instead of memphis craka. can you believe someone else stole my name? haters, all of you.

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[23 Aug 2003 :: 01:48am]

Hey guys. It's the other MOD. ::Insert creepy music:: Look here's the deal. This community just got started and with all the other communities out there it's easy to get lost in the crowd. So we all gotta work extra hard with pimpin' and all that. I've seen two folks pimp, maybe three. We need to get on that quick. By the way remember to post your introductions in here also. IC chats will be taking place this weekend so remember to sign on your character's name. Yes we're going to be hardcore with the updating rule because we don't want this community to be another bitch. Update your friends list and Merry Christmas.

OOC: Journal change [19 Aug 2003 :: 05:09pm]

Due to the obtaining a paid account Christina will now be using this journal in this community.

Please add christina_xy to your friends list and remove fighter_chrissy.
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everything is everything. what is meant to be will be. [19 Aug 2003 :: 03:28pm]

  mood  ::  TIRED & FINE.  

::twinned eyebrows, a dirty blonde color, lowered a little with the form of those infamous wrinkles against his forehead while blue-eyed hues intertwined with a deep sea green color lightly skimmed over the opened web page. thin peached lips curled upward forming a momentary smirk before offering a casual and nonchalant shrug of those narrowed shoulders layered beneath the yellow cottoned material of his tee. larger hands, left and right, easily placed over the keyboard while soft fingertips tapped into the keys, lightly.::

hey all. the name's justin timberlake and it's good to be here. i've seen a few familiar faces up in here and i'm looking forward to catching up. you've all probably read the magazines about my past, personal and career-wise. i'm just gonna tell you that i'm currently with someone i adore very much. she's my babygirl and that's all i gotta say about that. by the way, we had a little hold up with the tour but things are gonna work out just fine.

drop me a line @ memphis craka

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[17 Aug 2003 :: 05:52pm]

We apologize for the brief delay we had in adding applicants into the community. We are reviewing them and adding people now. Activity will be counted started Tuesday and updates are to be in your journal at least twice a week.

When you confirm your acceptance into the community please make an introduction in the community journal.

Updated friends list can be found in the mod journal.
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[16 Aug 2003 :: 06:16pm]

  mood  ::  good  

~glances around before stepping up to the mic, tapping it lightly, grinning~

Well hello hello!

Hmm, I guess this is where you stand up and say who you are for all of you crazy kids out there to get an idea of who we be. Heh. That was a good DMX song by the way. What was I saying? Oh yeah...

So Im Chris Kirkpatrick. Im commonly known as a.) 1/5 of Nsync (backup singer) b.) that dude from the good charlotte video or c.) eminem wants to kick my ass...yes I know that REALLY narrows it down right?

Hmm. So yeah. If you ever feel the urge to sexually harass me, feel free. I dont bite...too hard.

AIM: xchristopherkx

adu ~ Chris

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[16 Aug 2003 :: 03:52pm]

I guess this is where I make some snazzy introduction to let everyone know who and what I am. I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you that though. If you've ever picked up a magazine or looked up at the television set and seen one of my videos on MTV then you probably know who I am. For those of you that have spent the last few years living under a rock then I'll fill you in real quick.

I'm Miss Dirrty, also known as Christina Aguilera. I'm a singer/song writer. I've released several albums since I came out a few years ago. My latest being Stripped which was released in October. I've spent this summer out touring with my friend Justin Timberlake. We had a few dates postponed due to accident back in Atlantic City, but we have those dates now rescheduled and we will back on the road in the next couple of days.

New Tour DatesCollapse )

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